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    May 31 - June 2 2017
    ...Europe’s largest exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems

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  • Electrovaya
    ...Named to 2017 OTCQX Best 50

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  • Electrovaya-Litarion
    ...signs Supply Agreement and a Strategic Supplier Agreement
    for Residential Energy Storage Applications

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  • LITARION® Electrodes:
    Extraordinary cycle life

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  • SEPARION® Ceramic Separator:
    Unparalleled safety

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  • LITACELL® Lithium-ion cells:
    Superior quality

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Litarion GmbH is one of the largest suppliers of world-class Lithium-ion cells for mobile and stationary energy storage and other demanding applications. Furthermore, Litarion supplies electrodes and ceramic separators as key components for high performance lithium-ion battery cells.

Combining well-proven serial production and profound competence in application, Litarion is prepared to efficiently serve its customers with both outstanding products and technical support.

Litarion is a subsidiary of Electrovaya

Litarion GmbH

  • one of the largest suppliers of Li-ion cells and components in Europe
  • 500 MWh annual electrode production capacity
  • 10 million sqm annual separator production capacity
  • Quality "Made in Germany" and qualified as an automotive supplier
  • Long-standing expertise and comprehensive technical on-site support

Mission Statement

Litarion's cells feature an unparalleled combination of cycle and calendar life, safety, and electrochemical performance.
Furthermore, proximity to our customers, our know-how, flexibility and mobility allow us to effectively support our customers in all matters of application technology.
Dr. Jörg Reim - CTO

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Our products


LITACELL® lithium-ion technology provides an outstanding combination of leading-edge cycle and calendar life, unique safety features and a superior quality level based on the well-proven LITARION® electrodes and the unparalleled ceramic SEPARION® separator membrane.

Due to its excellent performance and quality, LITACELL® is the most suitable product for demanding applications, such as stationary and mobile energy storage systems, electric vehicles, and many others.

More about LITACELL® Cells

SEPARION® ceramic separators offer a unique combination of highest safety level, unparalleled temperature stability, and extraordinary cycle and calendar life. Due to its excellent proven safety and performance properties, SEPARION® is the ideal solution for advanced applications, such as stationary and mobile energy storage systems, electric vehicles, and many others.

More about SEPARION® Separators

LITARION® electrodes exhibit an extraordinary set of performance properties, comprising outstanding cycle life even at full depth of discharge, superior combination of energy density and power capability, and a serial production certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949.

Combining well-proven serial production and profound competence in development and application, Litarion GmbH has the capability, know-how and flexibility to efficiently transfer customers' requirements to a high quality serial product.

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